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Take on the role of Broadsword Jim, a legendary sword tasked with destroying the legions of Hell and restoring peace to the world. Tired of waiting for a true hero to take up his blade and fulfil the task, spending generations in the hands of fallible humans, who succumbed to weakness, laziness or greed, and failing to rid the world of Evil, Jim has taken the solemn quest into his own hands- literally! How many mods let you use your own head as a weapon?

What this mod includes:

-9 new weapons, each with its own alternate fire mode! Some weapons even have hidden abilities...
-Diverse and interesting weapon designs and functions
-Somewhat inspired by the Berserk manga
-Slightly over-the-top, anachronistic weaponry
-A new melee system, even more fun with the Berserk powerup!
-A custom status bar and mugshot, so you can really FEEL like a legendary sword sprung to life through sheer anger alone!
-Play it for free! Forever! Right now! Stop reading this and play the mod!

Tested with GZDoom 4.6.0.
Works with GZDoom Vintage 3.8.2 and up.
Works with LZDoom 3.87.

Will NOT work with Zandronum or EE.

Updated 7 days ago
CategoryGame mod
TagsArcade, Beat 'em up, doom, Fantasy, First-Person


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Can you add other characters like Fisty 'Dan' Glover, Pistol Peter, Shotgun Shawn, Dubba B. Shawn, Chainsaw Chad, Chaingun Chad, Rocket Randy, Plasma Paz, or "Best Friend" George?

That may be too much to add into the game, but perhaps I'll make some official artwork of that, if I have the time. :)